Shelly Petersen- This nurse from Sanford in her Down’s Syndrome book shares the inspiring story about her son Owen and she is awesome

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It is known that Down’s syndrome is a genetic disorder and it is mainly due to the presence of third copy of 21st chromosome in full or partially. The people having this Down’s syndrome have facial features differently from a normal person. It must be noted that there is a delay in the growth of the body in those affected with this Down’s syndrome.
Many families suffer from this disorder and feel depressed.

It is now said that Shelly Petersen and her son Owen are doing superbly in creating awareness about this Down’s syndrome in the families.

Shelly Petersen expressed her thoughts about her son and said he was adorable and was loved mostly in his class. She also said that she was shocked when her son was born with this disorder.

It must be noted that this Shelly Petersen works as a maternal fetal nurse in Sanford and her work is appreciated by many. Shelly also spike about how she and her husband Rob and the entire family prepared to accept Owens Down’s syndrome.

It is superb to note that Shelly Petersen came out with ‘’ Owens Hope’’ and wrote a inspiring book for the families having Down’s syndrome affected kids. It is great that her basket of books, materials, gifts are now spoken greatly by many families. Shelly Petersen is of the view that the kids with this disorder needs to be celebrated more. The latest news is three baskets have been given to those families having Down’s syndrome affected kids. Great!!

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