Six year old Ismail Zulfic with no arms swims total length of Olympic swimming pool


It is not often we come across kids like Ismail Zulfic in our lives. This 6 year old Ismail Zulfic is inspiring many others with his fantastic achievement of swimming.

It is important to note that Ismail Zulfic does not have arms but he swam total length of Olympic swimming pool. His mother Elmina felt happy and proud of her son Ismail who could do this with his physical issues.

This swimming video of the boy created sensation and was spoken highly. It is now revealed that apart from not having arms he has got another problem of having curved toes on his right foot.

It is also said that Elmina visited many doctors when she was pregnant but no doctor was able to predict the issues of her son. Ismail’s mom Elmina spoke about how she was informed by the doctors about the amniotic fluid that was present in lesser amount and how it won’t create any problem for her in delivering her baby.

This Elmina was shocked and surprised when midwife held her newborn baby by his feet as he had no arms.
What is amazing about this 6 year old Ismail is he can swim, write plus play video games with his feet and this has amazed many people around him.

Elmina further highlighted some problems as no kinder garden school showed interest to take her son and with difficulty she found a school that was willing to take her kid. This Ismail Zulfic is now inspiring many. Superb Ismail Zulfic!!

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