Terminal Cancer affected Jodie Sheean speaks highly about her dad’s great care and support for her

Photo Credit: Glenn Hampson

A man named Phil Sheen is now in the news all over. It must be noted that this Phil Sheean is father of terminal cancer affected Jodie Sheean and he has done tremendously in taking great care of this Jodi Sheen and he has become cynosure of many eyes now.

These days it is common to see health affected people getting dumped by their own families. What this dad Phil Sheean has done in taking care of his cancer affected daughter is awesome.

According to Jodie Sheean her dad has been sensational and inspirational to many in the society where most men fail in their role. She also spoke about how her dad epitomises what it means to be a father. It is interesting to mention that Phil Sheean until recently was enjoying his retired life ad was involved in activities such as fishing, playing golf, spending time with his friends etc in the Gold Coast, Victoria. He gave up this enjoyment for the sake of his daughter and took great care of her.

It was through a phone call Jodie Sheean informed her dad Phil Sheean about her cancer and within two days he was near his daughter.

Both dad and daughter duo are helping each other and it is now said that Phil Sheean ferries his daughter and takes her for appointments and they both are living in a pad at Pimpana. It is shocking when she spoke about her two kidney transplants and how at the age of just nine she had this kidney transplantation as she had reflux nephropathy since her birth.

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