The Successful surgery of conjoined twins- The McDonalds Twins are miraculously stable


The McDonald boys — the conjoined twins that have stolen America’s heart and attention — have made it through a challenging weekend. But it was definitely a trying one for both parents, babies and their team of doctors. The conjoined twins opens who under-went a life changing separation surgery, opens their eyes for the first time after this incredible separation surgery.

Jaden and Anias McDonald, from Illinois, who were conjoined at the head for 13 months, were separated after a marathon 16-hour surgery.

Jadon’s separation surgery was finished first but Jadon has yet to show any mobility on the left side of his body and in some time he will start moving that side. Anias, on the other hand, has always struggled more than Jadon — conjoined and separated. He spent more time in the operating room and was his mom and dad’s greatest concern. He experienced a number of seizures on Saturday, including one that lasted for 45 minutes. Luckily, he’s back on track thanks to anti-seizure medication.

The good news for parents is that both of the boys have opened their eyes are facing serious medical challenges, including seizures.

Their mother Nicole also posted a heartfelt thank you to the public for their support and the surgical team at the Montefiore Medical Center, in the Bronx, New York.

She wrote that, “As absolutely humbled as I am for all of the encouraging messages I’ve received, it’s hard for me to take any credit for the miracle that these boys are.”

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