This 22 year old Belgaum based Basavaraj Umrani might be visually impaired but has got amazing brain power

This 22 year old Belgaum based Basavaraj Umrani might be visually impaired but has got amazing brain power

It is known that doing big mathematical calculations are not easy for normal people but for Belgaum based Basavaraj Umrani it is very easy. The amazing point to note here is this humble man Basabaraj Umrani is visually impaired but does all the multiplications and other calculations in mathematics very easily and has surprised many around him with his fabulous memory power. Incredible isn’t it!!

It is superb to mention that his visual impairment has never come in his way and he has been spoken highly by many now for his amazing determination.

It is important to note that this 22 year old Basavaraj Umrani is a B.Ed student from Belgaum who has been doing unbelievable things now. It is now revealed that his mind sees and analyses things which are usually very tough for other normal persons to perceive and that is awesome piece of news.

His memory power has been sensational now and is regarded very highly by others. Some of amazing things he can do are the addition and multiplication of numbers in few seconds. It is superb that he could tell the time of the day and weekday of any week that comes between the years 1900 and 2100 and he has often stunned many.

It is really fabulous that this Basavaraj Umrani has got great interests in cricket and he could surprise many with the names of the cricketers plus their statistics in various matches they had played.

This 22 year old Basavaraj has made his presence in many Kannada news channels is known now. According to him hope and positivity are very important in life and he wants to spread these two to many across the world. Hats off!!

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