This 26 year old Dejah Hall is inspirational to many around her and her story has become famous now


It is really sensational that a woman named Dejah Hall has become centre of attraction and is spoken highly by many all over.

It must be noted that four years ago this woman Dejah Hall was totally down, dejected and wanted to end her life with heroin drug. Now she has become simply superb and her job in creating awareness and helping others from getting addicted to drugs are tremendous. It is interesting that Dejah hall is also a online student in the well known Grand Canyon University or GCU and she had surprised many around her and is highly inspiring others.

It is important to note that her posts in social media have become sensational. Her two pictures ‘’before’’ and ‘’after’’ clearly showed how she was so determined to come out of drugs and her great courage was visible to all. Her incredible journey of four years was there for all to see and get inspired. It is superb that she received many phone calls and messages from many all over.

It is really superb that she is doing Christian Studies at the GCU and would receive her bachelor’s degree in another two years if everything goes well in her side. One important piece of information about her is she is also simultaneously bringing up her cute 18 month daughter Lydia now.

Dejah Hall expressed her thoughts and said she did not expect such a support and felt so happy to share details about her personal life in Face Book page of hers. It is shocking to hear that four years back when she was just 22 years of age she took heroin daily but had come out of it now. Superb!!

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