This 30 year old Danielle Allen who was once unable to walk is inspiring many now

This 30 year old Danielle Allen who was once unable to walk is inspiring many now
Pic: Derry Journal

Danielle Allen has grabbed the attention of many now. This 30 year old woman three years back was not able to walk also after brutal attack but did not not give up in her life. She is inspiring many now around her to live life with hope and positivity. Remarkable isn’t it!!

The date 17th July in the year 2014 would always stay in the mind of this 30 year old Danielle Allen. It was on that day she was brutally attacked when she was at her home in Glemmore Gardens in Limavady located in Northern Ireland. It must be noted that this woman Danielle Allen was left struggling for life after the attack.

She even spent around a period of eight months in a hospital for treatment. It is now revealed that she is presently happy to live this life and she was also happy regarding the support she received from her family during her time of pain and struggles.

At the Nspire Fitness Gym present in Limavady in month Ireland this Damielle Allen has been training with personal trainer so that she would be able to walk like before. That her efforts to walk again are going in right direction is proved by the fact that she is now able to get from the wheelchair and she is able to go inside car much better when compared to before.

She is highly determined and passionate about education is also proved by the fact that inspite of her inability to write due to injury she is studying well and has surprised many around her.

At the North West Regional College where she is studying ICT Danielle has been simply sensational with her great fighting qualities. Fantastic Danielle Allen!!

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