This 3D printing technique is now used by China based surgeons in paediatric heart surgeries

This 3D printing technique is now used by China based surgeons in paediatric heart surgeries

Chinese surgeons using 3D  printing in doing paediatric heart surgeries has been the subject of discussion for many all over now.

Second Xiangya Hospital located in Central South University in Hunan province in China has caught the attention of many because two paediatric heart operations were done in this hospital using 3D printing technique. It is really sensational that this is the first time ever 3D printing has been used to conduct paediatric cardiovascular surgeries in Hunan province in China and it was conducted on two patients aged 13 and 3 and that is fantastic piece of information.

It is revealed that by making use of this 3D printing process the surgeons now could physically manipulate a model of the affected parts and it could be of great use in preparing for procedures.

It must not be forgotten that in the conjoined McDonald twins operation 3D printing was utilized in the long and tedious 27 hours surgery and it is now said that in this case the help of 3D systems ‘’virtual surgical scanning’’ service was sought.

It must be noted that this service from 3D Systems is sensational in the cranial operations. Now coming to these Chinese kids of aged 13 and 3 both the operations were cardiovascular and the 3 year old kid was affected by severe left ventricular outflow tract obstruction and was treated for this medical issue which if not treated would lead to shortness of breath plus fainting etc.

It is important to note that the 13 year old kid in this operation was treated for Hypertrophic Obstructive Cardio Myopathy. These two kids are now recovering well with the help of 3D printing and that is excellent.

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