This 50 year old breast cancer survivor Julie Jenner would help Longfield hospice in raising funds

This 50 year old breast cancer survivor Julie Jenner would help Longfield hospice in raising funds

The news that breast cancer survivor Julie Jenner would be spending a year in helping Longfield hospice to raise funds to help people affected with life limiting illness has been spoken highly by many all over now.

It was in the month of March in the year 2015 this Julie Jenner was diagnosed with breasts cancer. This mother of three was totally shocked that time to hear about her health issue. It must be noted that she underwent mastectomy, chemotherapy etc.

Julie Jenner of age 50 was all praise for NHS Oncology services as the support she received was immense and it also helped her in emotional healing. She is now spoken highly by many around her because of her selfless attitude and now she wants to give back everything to Longfield charity so that others like her could also be benefited hugely.

This Longfield is located in Minchunhampton in Gloucestershire in UK is doing superb work these days is known.

It is now revealed that the care shown by Longfield was simply awesome and Julie Jenner needed that care and concern to recover.

Julie Jenner’s weekly counselling in this Longfield and her reflexology as well her art therapy sessions were great for her and helped her huge extent.

It is now brought out that she always felt uplifted by this Longfield. It is worthy to note that her fund raising ranges from bake sale to trekking of 25 km. Charity ball and auctions would be playing major part in her fund raising efforts. Superb Julie Jenner!!

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