This 52 year old Tech Venture Capitalist Scott Sandell shares his views on the disorder Dyslexia


The term ‘’Dyslexia’’ refers to reading disorder and this disorder varies from people to people. It is important to note that both genetic as well as environmental factors are responsible for this reading disorder. It is known that people with this disorder find tough to spell words, read quickly etc.

It is now revealed that this Dyslexia disorder was also present in Tech venture Capitalist Scott Sandell of age 52 and he came to know of his own only after his daughter had this disorder in her school.

It is worthy to mention that in people affected with this ”Dyslexia” disorder could understand many complex things. Scott Sandell spoke his heart out regarding how this disorder created many problems in his school life and how he was a rudimentary student and how he slowly climbed to reach the top in High School.

Scott Sandell expressed his feelings and said when he was in senior year in college he applied for a job at the famous Boston Consulting Group. It must be noted that this consulting group does great work of giving consultations to high level executives in solving many issues.

He further threw light on how his GPA was below others at the interview and spoke about how 5 persons were interviewed from 1000 Ivy League graduates.

This sensational Scott Sandell is of the view that finding a place that plays to the strength of the person is important to succeed in life and he did that. Awesome Scott Sandell!!

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