This 54 year old disabled artist Tom Yendall is inspirational to many now by his superb success in his life

This 54 year old disabled artist Tom Yendall is inspirational to many now by his superb success in his life
Pic: Able Magazine

Painting with mouth is not an easy task. A man named Tom Yendall born without arms paints superb pictures with the help of his mouth and is remarkable.

It is awesome that this humble painter has now got a special award at the famous University of Brighton. It is worthy to mention that this 54 year old Tom Yendall recently got Alumnus Award 2017 from this University and was applauded by many. It is now revealed that he addressed the students at the Brighton Centre and he made superb impact on many students.

It is now confirmed that his three pieces of advice namely following one’s own passion, treating others with respect plus filing the available time were really superb and made huge impression.

It is sad and shocking that this 54 year old artist Tom Yendall was born without arms because of the drug “Thalidomide’’ that was taken by his mother when she was pregnant.

It must be noted that he was bullied by others at the school though he was fitted with artificial arms. In Alton in Hampshire is present famous college named Treloar College and this Tom studied in that biggest school for the disabled in United Kingdom. He further did a foundation course at the famous Hastings College of Arts and Technology.

At the Brighton Polytechnic he learnt art and surprised many around him. Life was happy for him at the polytechnic because he had great friendship with a woman named Lucy who later became his wife. It was in 1986 this Tom Yendall joined MFPA or Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. It is fabulous that he is now considered as finest disabled artist in the world. Hats off!!

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