This Alexandra Jones of age 26 from UK played a great role in educating many regarding breast cancer through Coppa Feel charity and inspired many

Pic: Manchester Evening News

Charity Coppa Feel in United Kingdom is doing superb works these days in educating many people in breast cancer and Alexandra Jones helped this charity in this process of educating many regarding breast cancer. It is superb that this 26 year old Alexandra Jones from Manchester in England was very positive person who fought cancer courageously and inspired many others. It was shocking that she was diagnosed with breast cancer three years back and she refused to be negative.

It is now clear that she underwent mastectomy plus other chemotheraphy to get rid of this cancer. She was given shock of her life when last year she was informed by the doctors that the cancer has come back and it had spread to other areas such as bones etc. It was very sad that she died on 7th of November 2016. It must be noted that friends and her family members of this Alexandra Jones would be raising 6000 pounds. It is simply superb that this Alexandra Jones was doing her best to create awareness on breast cancer in many others and she did when she herself undergoing treatment for her cancer problem.

Anne Callow spoke about Alexandra Jones in high esteem and said Jones was a woman with a difference and Anne Callow felt she was happy that she knew this 26 year old Alexandra Jones as her brother dated Alexandra. It is now said that a superb send off would be given to this Alexandra Jones as she did many great things for the benefit of breast cancer people. Superb!!

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