This cancer affected Valerie Loredo shares her inspirational story with others


It is not every other day we come across women like Valerie Loredo in this world. This Valerie Loredo is very special woman and her fight with cancer is a proof that with superb courage and determination anyone could make an impact in this society.

It must be mentioned here that this Valerie Loredo now wants this world to know about her baldness condition but inspite of this she is extremely positive.

Her philosophy in life is simple. There is no obstacle that is very big in life and any obstacle could be overcome by tackling it head on and by dumping the fear factor associated with the problem.

When most of us would have lost our hope to live when diagnosed with cancer this Valerie Loredo had two cancers at her age of just 17. Loredo initially was shocked to shave her pretty locks but slowly she recovered from that. It must be note that she wore caps and scarfs to hide her baldness due to shaving of her hairs. It must be mentioned that this sensational woman wanted to get a henna tattoo.

Later she got henna tattoo on her head and with a ribbon at the centre she was soon creating awareness about cancer and as he was noticed by many around her. A person named Gilbert Zamora was responsible for painting this henna tattoo on her head. It is worthy to mention that this Gilbert Zamora posted her picture in Instagram page of his.

This Gilbert was awe struck by Valerie Loredo’s great courage and determination. Sensational Valerie Loredo!!

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