This cochlear implantation surgery to make deaf people get their hearing back again is tremendous

Representational Pic: Wikimedia

In the past when there was not much development in medical and surgery a person born with hearing problem lived tough life and was often neglected by the family but this won’t happen hereafter. The good news is people who cannot hear anything can also live happily like other normal persons now and this is possible by cochlear implantation surgery.

It is now said that persons who cannot hear and are deaf can get cochlear implant fitted in their ears so that they could also hear like other normal people around them.

It must be noted that this procedure is long and time consuming but very effective. It is now said that cochlear plays important role in hearing and it converts vibrations into nerve impulses and they are then carried to brain and implant is an electronic system that is responsible for stimulating the nerve of hearing present in the cochlear. The great news is this implant can give sensation of sound to totally deaf persons who cannot hear anything inspite of using top class hearing aids.

It is amazing that cochlear implant system has many pieces of equipments and they work together to give a sensation of hearing for the person. It is confirmed that during this surgery some portion of hairs behind the ears would be shaved and the surgeon makes a cut behind the ears and drill through the bones to middle ear and cochlea. It is revealed that receiver and internal magnet is inserted and later incision is closed.

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