This family from North Haven in Connecticut, USA would be launching walk for creating awareness of rare neurological disorder and is superb


Apraxia is a rare form of neurological disorder where the persons affected with this issue would not be able to speak freely like other normal persons. It is now said that in North Haven in Connecticut in USA a family would be involved in creating awareness about this neurological issue by walking.

It is important to note that this disorder affects just two kids in 1000 and it creates more problems for boys only. David Fantarella Junior was affected with this unusual neurological disorder and it is now confirmed that he was not able to speak till he was two years of age. David Fantarella spoke about how this neurological issue is about the brain not being able to give information to the muscles of the face to produce sounds.

David also spoke about how his kid would be affected in his life if this issue was there for long. He also said how he would take his son around the country in search of many speech language pathologists. David Fantarella expressed his thoughts about this neurological disorder Apraxia and said that brain develops between the ages 2 and 4 and at that time this issue must be sorted out.

Jeralyn who is the sister of this Fantarella was played important role in organizing Greater New Havens walk to create awareness on this disorder. It is now said that she learnt about Apraxia through CASANA or Childhood Apraxia of Speech Association of North America. The walk would start from Devon Pavilion in Milford in Connecticut on 16th October. Superb!!

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