This Sean Swarner survived blood cancer and has climbed Mt Everest and is highly inspirational

This Sean Swarner survived blood cancer and has climbed Mt Everest and is highly inspirational
Pic: The Political Funda

Climbing Mt Everest is not an easy task. A person named Sean Swarner has grabbed the eyeballs of many now by climbing this Mt Everest and by that he had showed this world that anything could be possible in life with determination.

It is worthy to note that Sean Swarner is not a normal healthy person but was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease which is blood cancer when he was just 13 years of age. Later at the age of 16 he was diagnosed with cancerous tumour of the size of golf ball and he survived miraculously. The important piece of news about Sean Swarner is he climbed this mountain peak with just one lung.

It is just sensational to hear that this Sean Swarner had finished Ironman Championship plus he also made it to the top of seven summits and surprised many around him. Another great piece of news that has come out about him is he has authored two novels and is also responsible for the development of cancer survivor organization titled “Cancer Climber Association’’.

Sean Swarner spoke his heart out regarding his health issues and said he did not understand what cancer was when he was first detected with cancer at 13 years of age. He also threw light on the fact that if he had lost hope and will to live then he would have died because of cancer.

He also spoke about how he was more worried when he got cancer for the second time at the age of 16. Sean Swarner revealed that he was well supported by his family and friends and always had great hope and determination to succeed in life. Fantastic Sean Swarner!!

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