This short film from United Colours of Benetton regarding breast cancer survivor getting courage from unexpected quarters is simply superb


It is well known that the month of October is Breasts Cancer Awareness Month and awareness is created all over on this breast cancer issue that is affecting many women all over the world. Recently a short video was released by United Colours of Benetton regarding the breast cancer issue and it was really touching.

It must be noted that breast cancer awareness month salutes all cancer affected persons who have bravely fought cancer in their lives.

The news that would shock many of us is one lakh new people are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. It is now brought out in the open that a woman right from finding new lump around their breasts to undergoing chemotherapy, mastectomy have highly tough and painful life.

It is now confirmed that the women affected with this cancer shows lots of emotions like fear, shock etc. Women also lose their self confidence because of this big health issue and become depressed.

It is said that women fight against this cancer bravely but also lose their identities. In this video a woman who had mastectomy or breast removal surgery looking  herself in the mirror. She does not find her attractive any more. At this point a battle of self discovery starts for this woman. This video where a woman gets courage from most unlikely places is simply superb.

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