Toby Peach- This 26 year old theatre maker plus actor plus facilitator in his solo show titled ‘’Eulogy of Toby Peach’’ reveals many things about cancer and he is highly inspiring

Pic: Toby Peach/Richard Davenport

It is well known that Toby Peach is a theatre maker cum director cum actor cum facilitator who has made great impression on many. Toby Peach is currently project director with Company 3 and is superb. It must be noted that this Toby peach was trained at community theatre at East 15 Acting School and it was in the year 2010 he graduated from this prestigious school with great hopes.

It is also said that as a facilitator he is a famous person and has previously worked with many participants. It is important to mention here that recently he performed a solo show in West End in London, UK and caught the attention of many with his awesome inspiring speech.

This solo show titled ‘’Eulogy of Toby Peach’’ was really superb and in this show he revealed that he was diagnosed with cancer when he was 19 and also at the age of 21.

Toby Peach aged 26 expressed his thoughts and said having cancer is really terrifying experience and for famous personalities like him it is even more bad as all headlines would be of him.

It is shocking and sad to hear him say when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma where cells in lymphatic system would grow alarmingly and this type of cancer is often characterised by non-painful enlarged lymph nodes.

He also shared his views on cancer which is often described as battle by many. He said he felt strange regarding the word battle. It must be noted that one of the hardest things to face is the uncertain life in cancer affected people and they must move on in their lives and not battle against it.

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