Toran Maronic- High School Senior suffered serious brain injury is recovering now and wants to thank people for support

Pic: Twitter

Not many would have the determination and fighting spirit like Toran Maronic. This Bear River High School senior met with a serious accident on his brain and is recovering superbly. It is now said he wanted to thank those community for their great support. Remarkable isn’t it!!

It must not be forgotten that this accident took place five months back and he was admitted to Frenso hospital. This Toran Maronic spent nearly two weeks at this hospital and received intense rehabilitation. Now things are going in good direction for him and he is recovering well thanks to many prayers and efforts of his family plus friends who gave superb support.

According to him life must not be taken for granted as anything can happen at any moment and it is important to appreciate the little things in life. It is now revealed that his determination plus love for sports plus devotion to his family were responsible in his recovery. Toran Maronic felt happy and thanked his friends for their amazing support and said he wants to help others and give back to the community. It is now brought out that the T3 Charities set up by Maronic and his family to support people is doing superbly. Cortney Maronic spoke about how the generosity of the community humbled them.

It is now confirmed that funds would be raised during the Game Changer Scramble golf tournament on 3rd December 2016 and the amount would be given to the families that are in huge need. It is now said this golf fundraiser has golf combined with dinner plus a raffle, plus auction etc. Awesome effort!!

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