Wastage of Blood at Blood Banks in India – Shocking Report

Wastage of Blood at Blood Banks in India – Shocking Report
Representational Pic: TES

According to a TOI news “In the last five years, over 28 lakh units of blood and its components were discarded by banks across India, exposing serious loopholes in the nation’s blood banking system.”

The report further says “Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu were among the worst offenders, discarding not just whole blood but even red blood cells and plasma as the life-saving components could not be used before their expiry date.”

In 2016-17 alone, over 6.57 lakh units of blood and its products were discarded.

This is a shocking news and hope Government of India will look into this.

India is already facing huge health issues and people face problems due to shortage of blood. But if such things will have and the blood will get wasted then it’s not a good sign of improvement in our health systems.

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