World’s oldest person Emma Morana reveals secret of her long life

Pic: For What It’s Worth – Tumblr

Want to live long!! The secret for long life is revealed now by Emma Morana. It must be noted that world’s oldest person Emma Morana of age 117 had recently revealed some of the secrets of her long life and she became cynosure of many eyes all over the world.

It must not be forgotten that this Emma Morano took the title of longest surviving person in the world from a woman named Susannah Mushatt just in the year 2015 only after Susannah passed away. It is now said that she would soon be turning 117 years and is superb.

This Emma Morana revealed that she ate three eggs in a day and that was responsible for her amazing long life. The important point to note here is she had survived two world wars in her life. Apart from the eggs this 117 year old woman also takes minced meat in small quantities and only milk for supper. It is now confirmed that previously she used to have every week 500grams of Gianduiotti plus honey.

It is now revealed that she is absolutely fine even at this age but has few problems in her legs. Born in the year 1899 this old woman was the first of the eight children of her parents. It is superb to hear that she likes dancing plus waltz and tango and music was very close to her. It must be noted that in 1926 she got married and had a baby only after 11 years.

The sad news is she lost her baby when it was just six months old. It is surprising that she remained single after she got separated from her husband.

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